9 Summer Haircut Styles You’ll Want to Get Now

9 Summer Haircut Styles You’ll Want to Get Now


With the warm summer months ahead, you’ll want to look your best in all those fun summer outfits! Getting tired of the same old haircut and want to try a new hairstyle? The expert stylists from Cre8 Salon & Spa can help! We’re seeing lots of demand for all the new styles trending this summer, and here are some of our favorites so you can choose the one that’s right for your own style.


The updated shag. This fabulous retro style from the 60s and 70s has been updated to fit right into summer 2021. This sleek, sexy, rocker-chick look gets its style from tons of layers that your expert Cre8 stylist will shape into the perfect look for your hair’s texture and your individual style. You’ll love this gorgeous, modern look for your summer style. 


Layered pixie. This short hairstyle is perfect for summer. Elegant and sophisticated, it’s all about the layers in a fabulous super-short style that feels as great as it looks. The bonus is that it’s a cool way to wear your hair in the summer heat! Your expert Cre8 stylist will get the beautiful layers on your pixie style just right for easy styling. 


The modern mullet. When you hear the word mullet, you might think about that old-style from the 80s that was popular for men back then. Well, it’s been completely reimagined as a modern style for women, and it’s a look you’ll want to get now! The sharp, blunt cuts have been replaced with soft, chic shaping that gives you a more subtle difference between the front and back lengths. It’s topped off with lots of beautiful layers that add dimension and complement just about any texture.


90s flip. We’re seeing a huge demand for this retro style, which is once again trending for summer 2021. It’s all about the flipped side part with a cowlick-style curl that flows into a high-volume blowout style. The result is a super glamorous look that looks great for every occasion, from fun on the beach to a beautiful summer wedding event!


Face-framing color. We’ve seen a trend toward an updated version of last season’s money piece color style, with face-framing color that really highlights your features. The trend has been reimagined this year with a more blended style and softer contrasts that still showcase your best facial features. You can also make it your own by choosing unique colors for the face-framing that best suit your own personality, adding a touch of bold individuality to your summer style. 


Curly ends from hot rollers. This fun hairstyle choice is a vintage style from the 90s that’s been trending recently for summer 2021. It’s all about the look of hot rollers, which give you bouncy, curly ends that add texture and high dimension to your style. The modern look is smoother, with better-defined curls thanks to today’s fabulous new professional products that keep curly hair soft and frizz-free.  

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Curtain bangs and tons of bangs. One of the biggest trends this summer is bangs, because it’s amazing how much different your style will look simply by adding bangs, even if you keep the rest of your cut the same. One of the most popular bang styles this summer is curtain bangs, which part in the center and wisp back into your hairstyle on both sides of your head. This trend started because of last year’s restrictions that kept so many out of salons, so lots of women grew out their hair, including their bangs, and discovered just how amazing curtain bangs can look. But because they need to blend into your style, it’s best to have your curtain bangs trimmed into place by your expert Cre8 stylist to get just the right look. Other popular bang styles are straight fringe, mullet bangs, and classic fringe, each having its own advantages for your look. Your Cre8 stylist can help you decide which style of bangs will look best for your personal style.


Center part. One way to get a completely different look is by switching up your part. If you embraced the side part that was popular last year, now’s your chance to change up your look by going with a center part this summer. The center part is a must for curtain bangs, which are also a huge trend this year, and it also looks great for all the layered styles we’re seeing this summer. 

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Radiant red. Vibrant red hair is always in style, but this summer, it’s trending even higher at the top of this season’s trends. With so many options to choose from, you’ll want to get in on the ginger trend right away. If you’re not a natural redhead but want to look like one, the expert colorists at Cre8 can make it happen by blending several shades of red to create a natural look. If you’re a brunette, you can get the look with gorgeous copper highlights that shimmer in the summer sun. For blondes, try adding a little red to your highlights for a fabulous, high-dimension look. Even natural redheads can add interest to their color this summer with highlights in different shades of copper and red-orange hues. 


Want a great new haircut for your summer style? Make an appointment today at Cre8 Salon & Spa and our expert stylists will help you choose the look that’s right for your individual personality! We’re here to help you look great for the summer as well as all year long! Visit us at 814 Pine Island Rd #202, Cape Coral, FL, call us at 239.458.2704, or Contact Us to schedule your new haircut appointment. To start earning exciting rewards, register now for our rewards program. Just text “JOIN” to 239.880.8383 or visit our rewards page.