Care for Your Curly Hair at Cre8 Salon

Care for Your Curly Hair at Cre8 Salon


If you have natural curls, you know how hard it can be to keep them looking and feeling soft and well-defined. When you don’t have the right cut or don’t use the right products, your hair can end up frizzy and hard to manage, making it difficult to get the style you want. Thankfully, the master stylists at Cre8 Salon understand how difficult it is to manage naturally curly hair, and we’re here to help with expert curly hair styling and professional Mizani® products that work for you.


Why do I need professional products for curly hair?

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No matter what the texture, your hair needs professional products. And if you have naturally curly hair, chances are you’ve tried just about everything from the drug store that promises soft, defined curls – but they just never seem to deliver on that promise. There are several reasons why store brands fall short, including:


  • Generic formulas. Professional brands like Mizani® are hyper-customized to work specifically for your hair type and texture, but store brands lack this specialization.

  • Harsh ingredients. For most curly hair, it’s a challenge to keep it hydrated, and the harsh ingredients in store-bought brands don’t help and can even damage your hair. Professional haircare products use only gentle ingredients that don’t strip away your hair’s natural oils.

  • Diluted formulas. Store brands seem to be less expensive, but in most cases, that’s because they are watered down to fit the same amount in more bottles. Professional haircare products are concentrated, so you get more for your money in each bottle. 


That’s why it’s so important to only use the professional haircare products recommended by your Cre8 stylist, to ensure that you’re getting the right care for your hair. 


What is Mizani®?

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Mizani® is a professional salon haircare brand that is specifically designed for naturally curly hair. It’s different because it’s not just another hair product promising results. It’s a full line of curly haircare formulas designed for a full spectrum of different textures:


    Textures 1 and 2:    Open wave and straight hair

    Textures 3 and 4:     Curly and wavy

    Textures 5 and 6:    Coils and curls

    Textures 7 and 8:     Very coiled hair


As you can see, each level of texture is broken down into two different types, so you can get a product that’s absolutely perfect for your exact hair texture. At Cre8 Salon, our professional stylists will assess your hair’s needs and determine the perfect fit to keep your curls soft, well-defined, and manageable. 


Is there a special haircut for curly hair?


If you’re like the rest of us with curly hair, you may have tried many different salons and stylists trying to get a cut that is just right. While they may look great in the salon, after shampooing it’s usually hard to get that same style. That’s because curly hair needs a special cutting technique that considers the different ways your hair will change as it goes from wet to dry every day.


The master stylists at Cre8 Salon are specially trained in the latest haircut techniques for curly hair, so you can get a perfect cut that looks great just out of the salon as well as between salon visits. Once you experience the difference of a haircut that’s specifically designed for curly hair, you’ll never want to go back to that same generic cut again. Finally, a haircut, style, and home haircare products by Mizani® that get it right for your natural curls – and we have it all right here at Cre8 Salon!


Got curly hair? Make it look and feel perfect with a curly haircut and curl haircare products at Cre8 Salon & Spa. Our professional stylists will help you get the perfect look you’ve always wanted. You can find us at 814 Pine Island Rd #202, Cape Coral, FL, call us at 239.458.2704, or Contact Us to get started on your new look for your curly hair.


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