Gorgeous New Haircut and Color Trends for Fall

Gorgeous New Haircut and Color Trends for Fall


Autumn has arrived, and with it comes the opportunity to make a change in your style, and there’s no easier way to get a new look than through a new haircut or new, rich hair color. There are plenty of choices in this season’s cut and color trends, so you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love. Here are some of our favorites for the fall 2020 season. 

Super short buzz and pixie cuts. We’ll see a ton of super short styles this fall, with a bold move toward pixie cuts and even buzz cuts being very popular for this season. It’s a cool and confident look, and the best part is that super short cuts are also super low maintenance, so you’ll spend less time fussing over your hair and more time out there having fun! For the pixie cut, great texture is the secret, so go with choppy layers for a trendy look, especially if you have very fine hair.

The single length cut. If you like your hair a little longer but still want the benefits of a low-maintenance cut, a single length is perfect. Whether shoulder length or longer, cutting it straight across means less fuss when styling, especially if you do regular updos or ponytails and braids. A single length cut works with any hair type or thickness for easy, no-stress styling.

Short layers. If you’ve got curls, show them off with a layered cut for the most dramatic, dimensional look. Most people think of long hair when they think of layers, but a well-layered shoulder-length cut is pretty and elegant and is a great solution if you prefer to let your hair dry naturally. If you’re in a rush to style and need to blow dry, be sure to use a diffuser, along with regular deep conditioning treatments, to avoid the frizz.

Bobs and lobs. Two short- to mid-length styles that are great for fall are the bob and the lob. The bob is a chin-length cut that can be even across the sides or can gradually go from short to a bit longer on one side. If you can’t decide which is right for you, go for an even cut and mix it up sometimes by using a deep side part to make it asymmetrical. A lob is a tad longer than the bob – about shoulder length – and you can also customize the style with variable lengths and different part styles. Both are great, low-maintenance styles for fall 2020.

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Honey blonde. Summer trends for blondes tend to lean toward bright platinum shades, but for fall that warms up as hair colors match the seasonal colors of nature. For blondes, honey blonde is the perfect shade for fall 2020, which is still bright and beautiful but adds those warm undertones we’re seeing for this season.

Fiery red. Also matching the colors of nature, fiery red is that bright, Hollywood-style red that really gets attention. This vivid, vibrant shade is the perfect choice for fall, mimicking the colors of maple leaves as they transform the landscape into brilliant fall colors. Fiery red is a great choice to complement your fall wardrobe. 

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Chocolate and caramel. For brunettes, it’s all about natural tones this fall, and nothing says autumn color like a beautiful base of chocolate with warm, dimensional highlights of caramel. You can personalize your look by varying the highlights: choose chunky foil highlights for a vivid look with high contrast, or go with natural looking balayage, painted in delicately for the perfect, rich, dimensional look.

Fantasy shades. Love bright, bold colors? Get daring this fall and try something new. You can use fantasy colors in just a few peek-a-boo strands or go all-out for a full head of vivid color. This season, we’ll see lots of vibrant blues, purples, and pinks, as well as mixed shades like rainbow hair. The possibilities are endless for these fun, bold colors!

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