Hairstyle Trends to Wear with Your Face Mask

Hairstyle Trends to Wear with Your Face Mask


We’re all wearing lots of face masks these days, and while they do hide part of your face, there’s no reason to hide your fabulous style! To create a personal style with a face mask, the secret is to concentrate on what everyone can still see – your hairstyle. There are lots of easy-care styles that not only look good and let your personality shine through, but also make it easy to slip on your mask and keep it in place. 

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High ponytail. For those who want a no-fuss look, the high ponytail is a perfect hairstyle to wear with your mask. Your hair is kept up and back away from your face and ears, so you can easily slip on a mask. To choose where to place it, think of your face mask and its ear loops as creating a line, and place your ponytail at the top of that line in the back. Make the ponytail more fun and show off your style by adding colorful hair ties and clips that match your outfit.

Braids. An extension of the ponytail, braids are extremely versatile and are a great hairstyle to wear with a face mask. Simply braid your high ponytail or get more creative, with French braids, mini braids twisted together, or braided buns. To add a little fun, braid in a ribbon that matches your outfit or use some sparkling hair accessories to add some bling.

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Updos. They look great in any setting, whether at the office or at a casual or formal event, and updos are a perfect match for face masks since they get your hair up out of the way. Depending on placement, you can even use a bun as holder for your mask if it’s secured with a sturdy hair tie. A standard, slightly messy bun looks great, but you can also get creative with braids or twists to make a sophisticated yet romantic updo look. Have a mask that ties at the back of your head? Try a slick, smooth double bun – one on top, one down lower, so you can tie off your mask in the middle. 

Flowing ear tuck. If you prefer to let your shoulder-length or longer hair flow freely, try an ear tuck to keep it away from your face. It’s a simple yet effective way to get your hair out of the way of your mask while still letting your style shine through. It works best with a center part. Take sections of hair from the front, tuck them behind each ear, then tie them together in a hidden ponytail under the rest of your locks for an ear tuck that stays in place. You can also use clips or bobby pins to hold everything underneath. Your hair is away from your face so your mask fits well, yet your hair remains free flowing so you can show off your style.

The sleek look. Got straight, smooth hair? The perfect look for you might be the slicked-back style, which shows off your glossy locks and helps keep your hair back for your face mask. It works with any length from short to long – just slick it back and then down using styling gel for a sophisticated, professional style. 

Color coordinating. There was a time when it was hard to find a mask, but now they’re everywhere – and they’re available in tons of different colors and designs. That means you can have fun with your masks, color coordinating them to match your wardrobe, your hair accessories, and even your mood! It’s a great way to take control of your own individual style even when masks are required.

Try a new color. We’re entering a new season shortly, so it’s the perfect time to switch up your hair color. Getting a new color helps give you a new sense of confidence, so now is a great time to give it a try. The new fall hair color trends match the colors of the season, from warm reds to golden blondes to browns in every possible shade. To really make a statement and have a little fun, try a new streak of peek-a-boo color near the front of your hair using bold, stand-out shades that really get you noticed!

No matter which style you choose, you’ll want a fresh cut to keep your hair looking healthy. Regular haircuts get rid of those split ends that make hair look frizzy and dry. Whether you need a fresh cut, a new color, or just need help styling your updo or other style, make an appointment today at Cre8 Salon & Spa. Our professional stylists and colorists will help you get the perfect look with your face mask and for any occasion. Find us at 814 Pine Island Rd #202, Cape Coral, FL, call 239.458.2704, or Contact Us to schedule your appointment. Want in on some exciting, valuable rewards? Become a member of our Rewards Program on our mobile app to get free offers and valuable savings on Cre8 services! Just text “JOIN” to (239)-880-8383 or visit here to download the app and become a member today