Must-Wear Hair Color Trends for 2022

Must-Wear Hair Color Trends for 2022


Must-Wear Hair Color Trends for 2022


Are you ready for 2022? It’s almost the new year, and it’s definitely time for a new style. Why not choose new hair color to help get your year off to a great start? Here are some of the trends we think we’ll be seeing everywhere next year. 


Double-process blonde. After 2020, when people didn’t have access to their colorists, many started exploring all those colors that need a little extra care. We’ll see this trend continue – and probably increase – during 2022, with lots of high-maintenance colors like an icy platinum blonde taking center stage. Your expert Cre8 colorist will help you choose the right professional products and the correct schedule of touch-ups to help keep your new blonde looking incredible. 


Midnight brunette. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re seeing a huge demand for the return of darker hair as celebrities shed their own bright blonde for a deeper shade and people love the look. The trick is creating a layered color with lots of hints of other shades, depending on the light, as well as adding a gloss for a deep, rich shine. 


Sweetheart copper. If you love reds, this is a girl-next-door type look you’ll love for 2022. This gorgeous strawberry shade works great over blonde, or it can be created for those who already have red hair by adding a few highlights and lowlights. 

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Vivid highlights. Here’s a look that we’re already seeing in high demand – it’s all about layering on some vivid color highlights to a natural shade. For example, you might have a dark brunette hair color that fades into a bold pink or blue at the ends, or you might take that money piece trend from last year and update it with bold, vivid colors. The choice is all yours, making it the perfect way to personalize your hair color. When using vivid tones, your Cre8 colorist will recommend special color-protective professional shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to keep your color looking great. 


Auburn spice. Warming up a dark color with auburn is a trend that just won’t go away, and for good reason – it looks incredible! Auburn highlights are a great way to spice up your natural hair color without a huge commitment to a totally different shade. 


Anime pink. One of our favorite bold, bright colors we’re going to see a lot of in 2022 is anime pink, a bright and bold color that really makes a statement. Much like the double-process blonde trend, we’re seeing a ton of people coming in for bright, bold colors who were hesitant before because they didn’t have the same access to their professional colorists. Now, the sky is the limit for self-expression through hair color!

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Soft brown. This natural-looking color is a gorgeous addition to the 2022 hair color trends that you’ll love. It’s all about the babylights giving your hair a soft dimension that you’ll notice in the light for a stunning look. 


Lush, long ombre. This rich, gorgeous color is the opposite of high maintenance, giving you incredible movement and dimension without worrying about how it will look when it grows out. The trick is the longer root area that extends the ombre for much longer while giving you a look that’s simply stunning. 


Playground highlights. Dig out those old photos for this trend, which emulates the same color you had when you were young, playing on that playground. In childhood, our hair has an incredible ability to blend sun-bleached strands with rich natural shades to create a color all its own. Getting back to your roots is fun when your Cre8 colorists help you choose a look that copies your childhood color.


What about caring for that new color? It’s easy with special tips from the expert Cre8 colorists that will keep your color looking salon-fresh for longer. 


  • Use professional products. Keep the drugstore brands on the shelf and opt for the professional products from trusted salon brands that your Cre8 colorist recommends. Drugstore brands are usually watered down, and they can have harsh ingredients that can harm your hair. Professional products are always made with safe, trusted, effective ingredients that love your hair. They’re also specially formulated for your specific hair type and even your hair color of choice. 


  • Avoid heat. Heat can dry your hair and make your color look drab. Turn down the heat in the shower when you rinse your hair and avoid using heated styling tools more than you absolutely need to.


  • Shampoo infrequently, condition often. Always follow your Cre8 colorist’s advice about when to shampoo and when to condition. The more you shampoo color-treated hair – or if you shampoo too early after your coloring appointment – the more likely your color will fade. And conditioning is extremely important for keeping hair soft so it reflects the light well, making your color vibrant. 


Want a new, gorgeous color to start off the new year? Make an appointment today at Cre8 Salon & Spa and let our expert colorists help you find the perfect shade for you! You’ll find us at 814 Pine Island Rd #202, Cape Coral, FL, call us at 239.458.2704, or contact us to get your new 2022 hair color today. 


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