Olaplex® is All the Rage, But Does It Really Work?

Olaplex® is All the Rage, But Does It Really Work?


You’ve probably heard a lot about Olaplex® this year, and there’s a good reason – it’s a truly effective way to get soft, gorgeous hair. But what exactly is Olaplex®, and how does it really work? We get a lot of questions about Olaplex® here at Cre8 Salon & Spa, and many of our clients are reaping the benefits of this popular professional hair treatment. Here’s some information that will help you decide whether Olaplex® is the right treatment for your hair’s needs.

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What is Olaplex®?


Simply put, Olaplex® is a bonding and moisturizing treatment that’s amazing for your hair. It’s all about repairing your hair and infusing intense hydration to get silky smooth, bouncy hair, especially if your hair has lost its healthy-looking shine after lots of lightening processes. Olaplex® is a professional hair treatment designed for expert stylists and colorists so they can assess their clients’ haircare needs to determine whether Olaplex® is the best treatment. In most cases, it’s used during color processing, especially for lightening treatments or multi-shade coloring processes that take several steps, to nourish and protect hair and return it to its lustrous shine. Olaplex® is considered a bonder because it repairs and protects the hair’s bonds that keep it strong and smooth.  


Why might my hair need Olaplex®?


In most cases, Olaplex® is part of the coloring process to help repair the bonds broken during color treating, keeping your hair soft and silky while you color your hair. Also, if you have your hair color-treated often, your expert Cre8 stylist might recommend a stand-alone Olaplex® treatment to protect it from damage caused by the chemicals in repeated hair color processing. You might also need Olaplex® if you tried an at-home color process last year during lockdown last year and notice dry, damaged hair because drugstore coloring products are often harsh on hair and can cause damage. 


In some cases, Olaplex® might be right for you even if you don’t color-treat your hair. Perms also use chemicals, and regular use of blow dryers and heated styling tools can eventually wear down your hair’s bonds and cause it to be dull, dry, and frizzy. Olaplex® repairs those bonds and smooths out each strand so your hair looks and feels luxurious. 



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How does Olaplex® work?


Olaplex® is a three-step professional hair treatment process. The first step repairs those broken bonds. Step 2 is a conditioning treatment designed to follow the coloring process, and the final step contains other conditioners to further smooth and hydrate your hair. In addition to repairing and preventing damage, Olaplex® improves the texture of your hair because it smooths out the cuticle. This makes your color more vibrant and your waves or curls more defined, giving you a fantastic style that you’ll love and hair that feels soft and amazing. 


Can everyone benefit from Olaplex®?


Olaplex® formulas are designed to be effective for every hair type, so almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of Olaplex® treatments, especially if you are color-treating your hair. Your expert stylist or colorist at Cre8 can assess your hair’s needs and determine whether Olaplex® can be a benefit for you.


As a plus, Olaplex® products are designed to care for the environment, so everyone can feel good about using Olaplex® to protect and repair their hair. Olaplex® is committed to sustainability through limited packaging, carbon footprint-reducing production methods, and cruelty-free formulas. Each Olaplex® formula is also healthy for your hair, containing no sulfates, phthalates, phosphates, or other harmful ingredients. 


Overall, Olaplex® is a game-changing treatment that really works and can help you get the healthy-looking, smooth, shiny hair you’ll love! 


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