Should I Get a Bikini Wax or a Brazilian Wax?

Should I Get a Bikini Wax or a Brazilian Wax?


There’s no doubt about it – now is the time to get your skin in shape for bikini weather! In addition to professional skin care products and treatments, unwanted hair removal is important this time of year when you get ready to wear your favorite bikini and beachwear. You’ve heard of bikini waxing and Brazilian waxing – so which is the best choice for unwanted hair removal in your sensitive areas?

First things first – why waxing? 

One of the best ways to remove unwanted hair is through waxing. With so many benefits, it’s definitely one of the most effective ways out there to get smooth, beautiful skin. 

  • Your hair is completely removed – from the root up! Down deep in the hair follicle, each individual hair is growing by adding new hair cells to the bottom of the hair strand, then pushing to the surface. So when you’re shaving and cutting off that unwanted hair at the skin’s surface, there’s nothing to stop it from continuing to grow – and you’ll start to see and feel stubble very quickly. Waxing pulls out the entire hair from the root up, so the unwanted hair growth is stopped in its tracks. 
  • Lasts up to six weeks! Because the entire hair is pulled away, possibly damaging the follicle and removing the base of the hair strand, it will take a long time for unwanted hair to grow back – about 3 to 6 weeks. You’ll enjoy soft, smooth skin for weeks instead of the days you’ve experienced with shaving. 
  • It’s so exact that you can shape brows perfectly! Waxing is a great choice when you’re shaping brows or bikini area because it’s so precise. Only the hair that’s treated by your Cre8 esthetician will have hair removed, so that makes it perfectly precise for even the most challenging hair shaping. 
  • It’s great for your skin! Waxing is also great for your skin because you get an exfoliating treatment with every waxing! It also uses natural, irritant-free wax ingredients that won’t irritate your skin as some hair removal creams and gels can. There’s also less risk of unsightly scrapes and cuts that you’d experience if you’re shaving.

How often should I wax?

Here at Cre8 Salon & Spa, we recommend that most people set their waxing appointment about once a month, although this timing might vary for some people.

What’s most important is waxing regularly. Because it removes hair at the root and causes it to take longer to regrow, you’ll want to do it on a regular basis to keep up the results. Some people quit waxing in the winter months, but that can be a mistake since that gives the follicle time to regrow and establish stronger hair growth, which can make your next waxing appointment more difficult. 

When you wax regularly, hair starts to grow back thinner and weaker than before, making each subsequent waxing appointment a breeze! And in some cases, your unwanted hair might even stop growing in regularly treated areas.

So, back to bikini vs. Brazilian. Which is best?

Both styles take unwanted hair out of the way of your bikini! The difference is in the extent of hair removed. 

Bikini waxing takes off unwanted hair only on the bikini line, and a little bit below to allow for movement. It’s quick and easy, and lets you wear your favorite bikini with no worries!

Brazilian waxing is complete hair removal – not just in front of your bikini, but around the sensitive areas below and into the back. It gives you that soft, silky skin everywhere without any hair at all. In some cases, people choose to leave just a strip of hair in the center that’s neat and trim.  

Should I get that bikini wax or go with a Brazilian wax? 

The first thing to consider is which look you want – completely smooth everywhere, or with some natural hair that’s neatly trimmed at the side. The choice is up to you!

Bikini waxing is faster because there’s less hair to remove, so if your schedule is full, you might opt for that choice. It takes longer to remove all unwanted hair in Brazilian wax.

Does bikini or Brazilian waxing hurt?

When some people think of waxing, they wonder whether it’s going to hurt. The truth is that most of our clients here at Cre8 Salon & Spa have no issues with waxing for unwanted hair removal. 

In some cases, people with particularly sensitive skin may feel some discomfort. If that sounds like you, discuss it with your Cre8 esthetician before your waxing appointment, and we’ll recommend some options for you. 

Remember that the more often you wax, the easier it is at each appointment because the hair is weaker and thinner. So, if you’re sensitive to waxing, the best choice is to do it regularly so that it gets easier each time!

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