The Health Benefits of Regular Manicures and Pedicures

The Health Benefits of Regular Manicures and Pedicures


We all love professional manicures and pedicures. They’re relaxing, you get a great hand and foot  massage, and you walk away with hands and feet that look fabulous. There’s no doubt that all these  benefits are important. We all need a little “me time” to relax, and having great looking nails leaves a  good first impression both personally and professionally. But regular, professional manicures and  pedicures come with important health benefits as well.  

Hydrating skincare. Very often, our attention to skincare is focused on the face. That’s very important, but the skin on our hands and feet needs proper care as well. Deep cleansing, moisturizing, and  exfoliating is just as important here to keep skin healthy and young looking. When they don’t get as  much skincare attention, hands start to show signs of aging first, with dry, flaky skin and eventually fine  lines and wrinkles. Your feet get you everywhere you need to go, so maintaining healthy skin where you  notice it least helps prevent painful sores and calluses from forming. 

Improved circulation. The massage that comes with your professional manicure and pedicure isn’t just  to help you relax, although it certainly does just that. It’s designed to stimulate circulation in your hands  and feet. When it’s cold, hands and feet are usually the first to be affected, because your body focuses  first on vital organs near your heart, not on your extremities – your hands and feet. When you come into  our salon regularly for professional manicures and pedicures, the massage stimulates blood circulation,  which delivers oxygen and nutrients to your cells, and lymphatic system circulation, which flushes away 

toxins from your cells and organs. Better circulation overall keeps your skin healthy and helps your  hands and feet look and feel great. 

Avoid fungal infections. Although fungal infections are more common on the feet, they can happen  anywhere. Having regular manicures and pedicures means that one of our professionals is regularly  assessing the health of your skin and nails. Our experienced nail technicians are trained to spot signs of  developing fungus, which can be hard to see at first until they develop into a real problem. Our nail  technicians can find those issues and treat them before they become painful and irritated. Fungus can  be a real problem on toes, because excess moisture and warmth make it the perfect environment for  fungus to grow, and because it can be hard to spot unless a professional nail technician checks for issues  regularly 


Healthy, stronger nails. Your nails don’t just look great after a manicure or pedicure – they are also  healthier. Hands and feet do a lot of work for us, and they’re exposed to dirt, bacteria, and excess  moisture every day. Professional manicures and pedicures deep clean and exfoliate your skin, removing  dead skin cells and pollutants that you can’t see. Our experienced nail technicians use professional  products designed especially for the hands and feet to keep nails and surrounding skin healthy and  strong. 

At Cre8 Salon & Spa, we go beyond the basics for our manicure and pedicure services, offering a wide  variety of hand and feet treatments that leave your nails strong and your skin soft and hydrated,  including: 

? The Soho Manicure and Pedicure. A great basic maintenance service for hands and feet inspired  by New York professional services. 

? Paraffin Therapy for Hands and Feet. A medical-grade paraffin treatment with vital nutrients  and aromatherapy benefits for relaxation and health benefits that include optimizing circulation  and muscle health.  

? Premier FHF. A Soho Manicure and Pedicure using exclusive FarmHouse Fresh® products for  intense nourishment and hydration.

? Mani and Pedi in a Box. A relaxing Soho Manicure and Pedicure experience using seasonally  scented VOESH New York® products, which are 100% vegan with natural extracts and organic  ingredients. 

? Collagen Therapy. An effective anti-aging treatment using VOESH UV® products to thoroughly  hydrate and protect hands and feet from damaging UV light. 

? Little Big Apple Mani and Pedi. A special treat for preteens, giving them a personalized New  York style manicure and pedicure and a fun experience! 

We offer all the options, including gels and acrylics, French style polish, fills, mineral soaks, and exclusive  nail art, making your Cre8 Salon & Spa nail experience fun and relaxing with gorgeous, lasting results.  Make an appointment today at Cre8 Salon & Spa and our professional nail technicians will you’re your  hands and feet look and feel their best, with professional products and effective services that make your  skin and nails healthy and strong. Find us at 814 Pine Island Rd #202, Cape Coral, FL, call us at  239.458.2704, or request an appointment online to schedule your regular manicures and pedicures  today. Become a member of our Rewards Program & earn exclusive rewards! Scan the QR  code below with your smartphone, text "join" to 239-880-8383 or click the link here and follow the directions.