The Hottest NEW Hair Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2019!

The Hottest NEW Hair Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2019!


As seasons shift to warmer vibrant days, we tend to gravitate changing our looks as well. If you are the adventurous type, make a statement with faded silver or glamourous lavender tones. If you are more reserved, try warmer and richer tones that blend naturally with your roots. Each look will craft a statement, update your look, and flaunt top trending styles of 2019.  


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For those who like playing with various tones of new colors 2019 is seeing lots of silver. Some looks are blending brunette roots to shiny silver ends to give you an elite ombre vibe. Others are adding pops of grayish tones to their rich brunette base to create a subtle yet bold look. It is kind of like wearing both silver and gold jewelry, your hair can be a mix of cool and warm tones for a maximal trendy look.  Either way, you cannot mess up with silver for 2019.  Lilac is the next big direction. Our Cre8 Salon stylists can blend these new colors into the roots, or add pops throughout your hair. We are seeing lavenders paired with platinum blondes or deep plum purples with chocolate brunettes. Both looks are a great way to take a risk and still be in style. We didn’t forget about redheads.  You will be seeing Strawberry blondes, vibrant apricots, and fiery copper redheads in a big way this year. 


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Bolder, warmer, and richer are the key terms to the 2019 neutral trends. We are seeing a seamless blend of neutral tones such as butter blondes, caramel mixes, and toffee calibrations. The way to successfully accomplish this look is to maintain a smooth transition between dimensional colors to the base of your roots.  We will begin to see lots of creamy blondes, mushroom brunettes, and strawberry honey pop up during this summer. These tones require that same smooth transition. Adding bolder, warmer, and richer tones will give extra volume and texture by breaking up the solid color. Our expert colorists at Cre8 Salon know just how to blend these tones into your natural root that help keep maintenance to a minimum. As your natural color grows it will continue to blend into the dimensional tones.  


Whether you wish to make a bold glamorous statement or keep subtle neutral tones these are the looks to seek. Going natural can give you a dimensional, low maintenance, effortless look. Let your hair be the style rather than you are styling it each day. Blend silver or lilac tones to make the glitz look you are wanting to achieve. Blend creamy blondes and toffee calibrations with your natural roots to add volume and texture. Ask our stylist which direction you should go this year. Let us help you plan a look that will create an effortless vibe that will be the talk of the next seasonal event.   


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